An innovative startup that provides battery charging solutions at low costs. Integrated with an app, Brezze is a convenient, safe and quick solution to the low battery problems while one is on the go.

Project Type


Scope of Work

Branding & Concept, Logo Design


Digital Services

As the mobile landscape sees a large increase in crowd-sharing platforms, the timely introduction of a P2P power bank sharing app would bring another source of convenience to the public.

We designed and branded it through in-depth UX studies as well as researched an expansion of revenue streams, generating positive feedback at the launch of the app.

Brand materials cascaded across all customer touch points, including charging stations, social media assets and promotional videos, as well as adaptations for international markets.

A separate project was also commissioned to focus on developing marketing materials that targeted angel investors.

The outcome

The aim? To position Brezze as the premier portable charging solution. To achieve this, we gathered feedback comprehensively on step-by-step user experience. With an understanding of app mechanics, we translated the design values to marketing collaterals to project a confident brand identity to investors and partners in the brand-building process.

The app launched successfully in Singapore, with quick uptake in developing markets such as Vietnam and Nigeria, as well as mature markets like the United States.