CHOYS is a digital Chief Well-Being Officer, empowering people with personalised care while maximising organisational impact. The brand seeks to create a strong emotional connection with its audience by highlighting the importance of each choice in shaping personal well- being and collective impact.

Project Type

Branding, Digital, Social Media

Scope of Work

Branding & Concept, Website UI/UX, Logo Design


Digital Services

The visual identity of CHOYS is characterized by elegant simplicity, symbolism and natural elements. CHOYS is more than a brand – it’s a movement that inspires people to embrace the power of choice. By promoting mindfulness, empowerment, and sustainability, CHOYS aims to elevate everyday choices from mundane decisions to transformative actions.

The outcome

The brand’s values, target audience, personality, and visual identity collectively create a cohesive and compelling narrative that invites individuals to join the journey of making choices that truly matter.