Community Health Assessment Team (CHAT) Branding

As the Centre of Excellence for Youth Mental Health in Singapore, CHAT runs a national youth mental health outreach and assessment service for youth and young adults.

Project Type

Branding, Digital, Social Media

Scope of Work

Branding & Concept, Social Media Management, Illustration



CHAT was looking for a rebrand to position itself as a Centre for Excellence. We undertook an intensive 3 phase strategy to garner the opinions, knowledge and buy-in from all stakeholders within the organisation.

Our brand audit process involved a team workshop that gathered the opinions and expectations of the CHAT team, which translated into the perspectives concerning the CHAT branding, messaging and brand projection.

The outcome

Through intensive interviews and audit sessions with the CHAT team, a unique brand architecture was articulated to carry the brand identity forward in 2022, with visual guidelines and elements that would govern the communications of CHAT, and the importance of mental health moving forward.

In addition, brand graphics were further developed to cascade to the physical experience of youths within the CHAT clinic, providing a visually safe space for visitors.

It was great working with the team! They were very helpful and professional, and consistently and promptly provided creative and good quality work for our organisation.

Beth Lee
Outreach Executive, CHAT – Centre of Excellence for Youth Mental Health