Nin Jiom Social Media

Nin Jiom has grown to become renowned across the world for its products made from natural ingredients and herbs, and now offers a full range of Chinese herbal products to effectively cure colds, sore throats, coughs, fever, heatiness and even spot-prone skin.

Project Type

Campaign, Digital, Social Media

Scope of Work

Campaign Concept, Branding & Concept, Social Media Management



Nin Jiom’s digital endeavor encompasses dynamic campaign concepts, innovative branding, and meticulous social media management within the FMCG industry. Leveraging vibrant design elements, humor, and trendy videos, the project integrates competitor analysis to refine strategies.

The outcome

Nin Jiom continues to engage Sixmoredays on a social media retainer and the working relationship has been close to a decade. In producing content that aligns with HSC guidelines in Singapore and through careful understanding of the brand, Sixmoredays has demonstrated continuous improvement in managing the brand presence in Singapore.