Perspirex Social Media

Perspirex is a specialized antiperspirant brand, renowned for its effectiveness in controlling excessive sweating. Over the past 30 years, Perspirex has expanded its presence globally, establishing a stronghold in Europe and reaching over 30 markets worldwide, including pharmacies, drugstores, and grocery stores.

Project Type

Campaign, Digital, Social Media

Scope of Work

Campaign Concept, Social Media Management



Perspirex launches a multifaceted campaign focusing on campaign concept development and social media management within the retail industry. The project aims to highlight Perspirex’s effectiveness in controlling excessive sweating while leveraging digital platforms to engage with the local audience.

The outcome

Upon completion, Perspirex experienced increased brand visibility and engagement. Through strategic concept development and social media management, Perspirex reinforced its reputation and drove sales across pharmacies, drugstores, and grocery stores worldwide.