Radiesse BoldnConfident

Embrace perfection. Inner strength radiates beauty, and Radiesse offers superior lifting and augmentation that is uplifting and empowering for the woman who wants to be bold, and is confident to pursue it.

Project Type


Scope of Work

Campaign Concept



To engage more aesthetic clinics to carry Radiesse filler products, we ran a campaign as a turnkey solution that educated both clinics and consumers and provided the necessary marketing assets for clinics to market the Radiesse brand more successfully.

Our campaign educated the audience on how (1) fillers are no longer taboo as they suit the independent and daring modern woman, and (2) closing that gap to aesthetic perfection with Radiesse fillers helps to radiate boldness and confidence from within.

The outcome

We delivered consumer education in both easy-to-digest Patient Information Leaflets and partner stories.

A campaign competition was also deployed to better engage consumers on a social level through tactical experiential advertisements.

We made BoldnConfident visible all over Southeast Asia. In key markets like Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia, videos and in-store collaterals raised awareness of brand products and tie-ups were forged with aestheticians in respective markets to promote products locally.