Relay For Life 2023

Relay For Life aims to rally the local community to celebrate the lives of those who battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against the disease. It is also a platform for cancer survivors, caregivers, and volunteers to be recognised, supported, and connected.

Project Type

Campaign, Print

Scope of Work

Branding & Concept



This project focused on the development of a cohesive brand identity for the Relay For Life event. The branding encompassed the creation of logos, banners, a commemorative medal, and a designated event booth. 

The outcome

The 7th annual Singapore Cancer Society-TalkMed Relay For Life (RFL) concluded on a resounding note of success. With more than 4,000 individuals participating in the overnight physical event, and over 1,000 joining the virtual challenge from 4th to 13th March, the event showcased unwavering support for the cancer community.

In addition, the carefully incorporated colours and motifs throughout the collaterals was effective in establishing a unified visual identity. This bolstered the event’s branding and added to a memorable experience for both participants and attendees.