Singapore Kindness Movement

The Singapore Kindness Movement’s vibrant-coloured worksheets for children are designed with a strategic blend of visual engagement, emotional impact, cognitive stimulation, creativity, inclusivity, and pedagogical effectiveness.

Project Type

Digital, Print

Scope of Work

Layout & Typesetting, Printing & Production, Illustration



By infusing these worksheets with lively colours, we aim to inspire a lifelong commitment to kindness and empathy in the younger generation, fostering a brighter and more compassionate future for Singapore and beyond.

The worksheets are specifically designed for children in primary and lower secondary education (ages 6-12). This age group is particularly receptive to visual stimuli and bright colours, making them an ideal audience for our design approach.

The outcome

Seen by students all over Singapore, each set of worksheets continued to impactfully drive Singapore Kindness Movement’s mission of nurturing a brighter, kinder, and more compassionate generation of tomorrow.