Takashimaya Mastercard® Campaigns

Together with Mastercard®, Takashimaya’s promotional campaigns reward customers of one of Singapore’s most distinctive malls, catering to shoppers in search of luxury products and impeccable services.

Project Type

Digital, Print

Scope of Work

Campaign Concept, Illustration



The retail landscape experiences a surfeit of marketing campaigns vying for customer attention. With so much visual noise to contend with, our intention was to create a strong thematic visual identity that distinguished Takashimaya Mall.

Our approach employed a diverse range of photography and illustration techniques that centre on a clean and sophisticated aesthetic with minimal distractions to highlight the Mastercard® campaigns.

The outcome

We have been delivering bi-monthly campaigns on an annual retainer to market the mall’s impeccable retail experience. Campaigns are developed on both digital and print media to reach out to the mall’s target audience segments.

It has been a delightful journey with Sixmoredays since we engaged them. They not only provide creative work based on briefs, but also give valuable suggestions to the campaign’s requirements and the mall’s directives.

Jeanie Tan
Manager, Advertising/PR, Toshin Development