Unmask your True Confidence – Kosé

The Kosé SEKKISEI range promises beautiful, translucent skin, and encourages customers to enhance not only their appearance but also their inner confidence to project the best version of themselves

Project Type

Campaign, Digital, Social Media

Scope of Work

Campaign Concept



Reintroducing the SEKKISEI range’s three best-selling masks, our campaign embraced the message of individuality and gathered more data about the brand’s customers, given that sales channels are mainly in store.

To reframe the data collection process, a participation campaign was engineered to boost engagements, and structured as a fun assessment process to reduce bounce rates on site.

Digital engagement

The campaign concept culminated in an emotional narrative that shares the stories of various opinion leaders: their gaps and recovery of confidence in poignant moments of their life. 

We documented these moments in bite-sized videos to appeal to a social media audience, before encouraging them to share their own and get to win prizes as a reward for their effort and bravery.

The outcome

With a wide audience reach and a low cost-per-impression rate, we managed to garner over 12,000 engagements during the 3-week campaign. Participants were also rewarded with vouchers and product sets to encourage sampling.

Through a strategic participant assessment process, the data collected from the campaign was integral in profiling customers and evaluating the direction of future marketing efforts.