World Premiere of ‘Earlier Mona Lisa’

The La Giaconda original travels the world in an interactive exhibition that celebrates the breathtaking story behind Da Vinci’s most famous painting and shares relatively unknown historical and scientific facts with new audiences.

Project Type

Digital, Print

Scope of Work

Branding & Concept, Logo Design



With Singapore hosting the world premiere of ‘Early Mona Lisa’, we explored how to target the social media generation without diluting the dignity and prestige of the masterpiece.

A combination of print, OOH and digital engagements was deployed on social media to reach and inform the general public about the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience Da Vinci’s artwork on multiple platforms.

It has been a voyage of discovery working with Sixmoredays: your fast, efficient and highly competent service has been excellent and certainly world-class.

David Feldman
Vice President, The Mona Lisa Foundation